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Articles J. Braz. Chem. Soc. 2017

Synthesis and Photophysical Characterization of Proton Transfer-Based Thiourea Derivatives: Potential Application as Colorimetric Naked-Eye Chemosensor for Fluoride Detection in Solution

Cláudia B. da Silva; Thais Kroetz; Fabiano S. Santos; Fabiano S. Rodembusch

ESIPT (excited state intramolecular proton transfer) based thiourea dyes were synthesized and presented optical sensing of fluoride by the naked-eye and UV-Vis spectroscopy.


Published online: May 31, 2017.

J. Braz. Chem. Soc. 2017

Prediction of Total Acid Number in Distillation Cuts of Crude Oil by ESI(−) FT‑ICR MS Coupled with Chemometric Tools

Luciana A. Terra; Paulo R. Filgueiras; Rosana C. L. Pereira; Alexandre O. Gomes; Géssica A. Vasconcelos; Lilian V. Tose; Eustáquio V. R. Castro; Boniek G. Vaz; Wanderson Romão; Ronei J. Poppi

Chemometrics workflow used on the prediction of total acid number in distillation cuts of crude oil.


Published online: April 20, 2017.

J. Braz. Chem. Soc. 2017

The Effect of Hydrothermal Treatment on the Morphologies and Optical Properties of Upconversion NaYF4:Ln3+ Crystals

Marcos A. Calil Júnior; Átila A. C. Melo; Emille M. Rodrigues; Fernando A. Sigoli; Marcelo O. Rodrigues

NaYF4:Ln3+ crystals from 25 nm to 6.4 µm average diameter was obtained by hydrothermal treatments.


Published online: April 11, 2017.

J. Braz. Chem. Soc. 2017

Investigation of Electrocatalysts for Selective Reduction of CO2 to CO: Monitoring the Reaction Products by on line Mass Spectrometry and Gas Chromatography

Mariana R. Camilo; Wanderson O. Silva; Fabio H. B. Lima

CO2 electrochemical reduction on metal nanoparticle-catalyzed porous electrode interface on line coupled to a differential electrochemical mass spectrometer (DEMS) for instantaneous monitoring of the gaseous products.


Published online: March 31, 2017.

J. Braz. Chem. Soc. 2017

Synthesis, Characterization, and Photocatalytic Activity of Pure and N-, B-, or Ag- Doped TiO2

Paula C. S. Bezerra; Rodrigo P. Cavalcante; Aline Garcia; Heberton Wender; Marco A. U. Martines; Gleison A. Casagrande; Jaime Giménez; Pilar Marco; Silvio C. Oliveira; Amilcar Machulek Jr

Photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue using N-doped TiO2 was significantly more pronounced than with pure TiO2.


Published online: February 24, 2017.

J. Braz. Chem. Soc. 2017

Determination of Hg in Biological Samples and Ethanol Fuel by Photochemical Vapor Generation after Pre-Concentration in a Gold Trap

Eliezer Q. Oreste; Richard M. de Oliveira; Anderson S. Ribeiro; Talal S. Mahmoud; Mariana A. Vieira

The photochemical vapor generation with pre-concentration in Au column was applied to determine Hg in biological and ethanol fuel samples.


Published online: February 23, 2017.

J. Braz. Chem. Soc. 2017

Improved NADH Electroanalysis on Nickel(II) Phthalocyanine Tetrasulfonic Acid/ Calf Thymus Deoxyribonucleic Acid/Reduced Graphene Oxide Composite

Izabela Aparecida L. Ribeiro; Sakae Yotsumoto-Neto; Wallans T. P. dos Santos; Ridvan N. Fernandes; Marilia O. F. Goulart; Flavio S. Damos; Rita de Cássia S. Luz

NADH oxidation on a composite based on deoxyribonucleic acid from calf thymus (CT-DNA), nickel tetrasulfonated phthalocyanine (NiTsPc) and reduced graphene oxide (rGO).


Published online: February 15, 2017.

J. Braz. Chem. Soc. 2017

Degrading Pesticides with Waste Product: Imidazole-Functionalized Rice Husk Catalyst for Organophosphate Detoxification

José G. L. Ferreira; Elisa S. Orth

A rice husk-derived catalyst containing imidazole was obtained, with high catalytic efficiency for degrading organophosphates, such as the pesticide Paraoxon.


Published online: February 14, 2017.

J. Braz. Chem. Soc. 2017

Photoelectroanalytical Detection of Adrenaline Based on DNA and TiO2 Nanoparticles Sensitized with Bis(ethylenedithio)tetrathiafulvalene Exploiting LED Light

Thiago Augusto D. Santos; Sakae Yotsumoto Neto; Cleidivan S. Macena; Rita de Cássia S. Luz; Flávio S. Damos

DNA/anatase TiO2 nanoparticles sensitized with bis(ethylenedithio)tetrathiafulvalene composite for photoelectrochemical detection of adrenaline exploiting a commercial light emitting diode as illumination source.


Published online: February 14, 2017.

J. Braz. Chem. Soc. 2017

Influence of the Protonatable Site in the Photo-Induced Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer between Rhenium(I) Polypyridyl Complexes and Hydroquinone

Fernando S. Prado; Sinval F. Sousa; Antonio Eduardo H. Machado; Antonio Otavio T. Patrocinio

The influence of the protonatable site of the ancillary ligand, L, in the photo-induced proton coupled electron transfer of fac-[Re(CO3)(2,2'-bpy)(L)]+ with hydroquinone is investigated through theoretical and photophysical studies.


Published online: February 9, 2017.

J. Braz. Chem. Soc. 2017

Nickel-Copper Alloys Modified Electrodes: an Electrochemical Study on their Interfacial and Supercapacitive Properties

Franciele Wolfart; Bianca R. Brito; Luís F. Marchesi; Marcio Vidotti

Ni/Cu alloys were studied in their supercapacitive properties. The bare copper substrates were modified by a simple and straightforward methodology.


Published online: February 8, 2017.

J. Braz. Chem. Soc. 2017

High Order Cyclic Voltammograms During Electrooxidation of Ethanol Catalyzed by Gold

Kaline N. da Silva; Suelen T. Maruyama; Elton Sitta

Complex behavior was found during ethanol electrooxidation onto gold and the results interpreted as a surface roughening/relaxation effect. Cations display an important and unexpected role in this process.


Published online: February 8, 2017.

J. Braz. Chem. Soc. 2017

Tailored Silica Nanoparticles Surface to Increase Drug Load and Enhance Bactericidal Response

Luciane F. de Oliveira; Karim Bouchmella; Agustin S. Picco; Larissa B. Capeletti; Kaliandra A. Gonçalves; João Henrique Z. dos Santos; Jörg Kobarg; Mateus B. Cardoso

Amino-surface functionalization of silica nanoparticles was used as a strategy to increase the water-insoluble drug load and enhance antimicrobial properties.


Published online: February 6, 2017.

J. Braz. Chem. Soc. 2017

Confocal Fluorescence Microscopy and Kinetics of the Cr3+-Chromate Ion Oxidation Equilibria at the Solid Liquid Interface

Gizelle I. Almerindo; Anika P. A. Gaborim; Lucas M. Nicolazi; Muhammad Idrees; Faruk Nome; Haidi D. Fiedler; Rene A. Nome

Confocal microscopy images of Cr3+ in pearls before and after oxidation to Cr6+.


Published online: February 6, 2017.

J. Braz. Chem. Soc. 2017

Bioelectrooxidation of Ethanol Using NAD-Dependent Alcohol Dehydrogenase on Oxidized Flexible Carbon Fiber Arrays

Andressa R. Pereira; João C. P. de Souza; Andressa D. Gonçalves; Kamila C. Pagnoncelli; Frank N. Crespilho

Oxidized carbon fiber modified with NAD-dependent alcohol dehydrogenase for ethanol bioelectrocatalysis.


Published online: February 3, 2017.

Account J. Braz. Chem. Soc. 2017

The Chemical Conversion of Biomass-Derived Saccharides: an Overview

Jean Marcel R. Gallo; Marilia A. Trapp

The challenges and perspectives on the use of the saccharide fraction on lignocellulosic biomass as industrial feedstock are presented and discussed.


Published online: January 30, 2017.

Articles J. Braz. Chem. Soc. 2017

Feasibility of DLLME for the Extraction and Preconcentration of As and Cd in Sugar for Further Determination by ICP-MS

Tassia S. Seeger; Paula Dalla Vecchia; Eduarda Q. Machado; Karine Reinke; Marcia F. Mesko; Fabio A. Duarte

A dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction (DLLME) method for extraction and preconcentration of As and Cd in sugar for further determination by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) was proposed.


Published online: January 24, 2017.

J. Braz. Chem. Soc. 2017

Strategy for Treating a Landfill Leachate by Integration of Physico-Chemical and Photo-Fenton Processes

Valdislaine M. Silva; Oswaldo Gomes Júnior; Jader O. Silva; Arlene B. S. Nossol; Raquel M. F. Sousa; Antonio E. H. Machado; Alam G. Trovó

A protocol was proposed, aiming at treating sanitary landfill leachate, integrating physico-chemical processes (coagulation-flocculation-decantation, pH adjustment to 5 and membrane filtration) and modified solar/photo-Fenton reactions.


Published online: January 24, 2017.

J. Braz. Chem. Soc. 2017

Microwave-Assisted Oxidation of Organic Matter Using Diluted HNO3 under O2 Pressure: Rationalization of the Temperature Gradient Effect for Acid Regeneration

Cezar A. Bizzi; Juliano S. Barin; Jussiane S. S. Oliveira; Giancarlo Cravotto; Erico M. M. Flores

The influence of temperature gradient was critically evaluated for understanding in situ HNO3 regeneration reactions for organic matter oxidation.


Published online: January 24, 2017.

J. Braz. Chem. Soc. 2016

Spectroscopic Characterization of Charge Transfer Complexes of TCNE with Aromatic Amines - The First Step of Tricyanovinylation Reaction

Natália M. Monezi; Rômulo A. Ando

Resonance Raman, UV-Vis and DFT characterization of the charge transfer complexes formed by TCNE and aromatic amines.


Published online: December 21, 2016.

J. Braz. Chem. Soc. 2016

Determination of Inorganic Contaminants in Electrical and Electronic Equipment after Digestion Using Microwave-Assisted Single Reaction Chamber

Jussiane S. S. Oliveira; Sindy R. Krzyzaniak; Rochele S. Picoloto; Rodrigo C. Bolzan; Paola A. Mello

The feasibility of wet digestion using microwave-assisted single reaction chamber for waste of electric and electronic equipment was demonstrated.


Published online: December 7, 2016.

J. Braz. Chem. Soc. 2016

Batch-Injection Amperometric Determination of Pyrogallol in Biodiesel Using a Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube Modified Electrode

Rafael M. Cardoso; Rafael M. Dornellas; Ana P. Lima; Rodrigo H. O. Montes; Eduardo M. Richter; Rodrigo A. A. Munoz

MWCNT-modified electrode coupled with batch injection analysis with amperometric detection to quantify the antioxidant pyrogallol in biodiesel.


Published online: December 7, 2016.

J. Braz. Chem. Soc. 2016

Silver Nanocoatings at Large Length Scales: Influence of the AgNPs Morphology and Capping Agents on the Coating Chemical Stability and Antimicrobial Effect

Francisco A. Sousa; Victor T. Noronha; Terezinha F. Machado; José V. Silveira; Francisco A. Cunha; Pierre B. A. Fechine; Amauri J. Paula

Large-field X-ray imaging performed in a scanning electron microscope enables the identification of more than 100,000 agglomerates present in nanocoatings formed by AgNPs produced from different sources and with different capping agents.


Published online: November 29, 2016.

J. Braz. Chem. Soc. 2016

AgAu Nanotubes: Investigating the Effect of Surface Morphologies and Optical Properties over Applications in Catalysis and Photocatalysis

Thenner S. Rodrigues; Anderson G. M. da Silva; Arthur B. L. de Moura; Rafael S. Geonmonond; Pedro H. C. Camargo

The effect of controlled surface morphologies properties in AgAu nanotubes over catalytic and plasmonic photocatalytic performance was studied.


Published online: November 22, 2016.

J. Braz. Chem. Soc. 2016

Nanostructured Antigen-Responsive Hydrogels Based on Peptides for Leishmaniasis Detection

Sivoney F. Souza; Sergio Kogikoski Jr.; Emerson R. Silva; Wendel A. Alves

Encapsulating antigens in a peptide-based hydrogel matrix appears as an innovative opportunity to develop new biosensing devices for diagnosis.


Published online: November 17, 2016.

J. Braz. Chem. Soc. 2016

Nano-Sized Silver Colloids Produced and Stabilized by Amino-Functionalized Polymers: Polymer Structure-Nanoparticle Features and Polymer Structure-Growth Kinetics Relationships

Carin C. S. Batista; Lindomar J. C. Albuquerque; Caroline A. S. Ribeiro; Carlos E. de Castro; Erica G. A. Miranda; Iseli L. Nantes; Brunno L. Albuquerque; Mateus B. Cardoso; Fernando C. Giacomelli

Facile synthesis of highly stable silver colloids is achieved by using reducing/stabilizer amino-functionalized polymers without the aid of any other external agent.


Published online: November 11, 2016.

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