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  Title Author Year Volume-Issue Page Citation No.
1 Chemoface: a Novel Free User-Friendly Interface for Chemometrics Nunes, C. A.; Freitas, M. P.; Pinheiro, A. C. M.; Bastos, S. C. 2012 23-11 2003 36
2 Fast Determination of Naproxen in Pharmaceutical Formulations by Batch Injection Analysis with Pulsed Amperometric Detection Stefano, J. S.; de Lima, A. P.; Montes, R. H. O.; Richter, E. M.; Munoz, R. A. A. 2012 23-10 1834 19
3 Anionic Chromogenic Chemosensors Highly Selective for Fluoride or Cyanide Based on 4-(4-Nitrobenzylideneamine)phenol Nicoleti, C. R.; Marini, V. G.; Zimmermann, L. M.; Machado, V. G. 2012 23-8 1488 19
4 The Oxidative Stability of Biodiesel and its Impact on the Deterioration of Metallic and Polymeric Materials: a Reviewª Zuleta, E. C.; Baena, L.; Rios, L. A.; Calderon, J. A. 2012 23-12 2159 18
5 Recent Advances in the Development of Magnetically Recoverable Metal Nanoparticle Catalysts Rossi, L. M.; Garcia, M. A. S.; Vono, L. L. R. 2012 23-11 1959 18
6 Electrochemical Detection of Pb and Cd in Paper-Based Microfluidic Devices Shi, J. J.; Tang, F.; Xing, H. L.; Zheng, H. X.; Bi, L. H.; Wang, W. 2012 23-6 1124 18
7 Selective and Efficient Mitochondrial Staining with Designed 2,1,3-Benzothiadiazole Derivatives as Live Cell Fluorescence Imaging Probes Neto, B. A. D.; Correa, J. R.; Carvalho, P. H. P. R.; Santos, D. C. B. D.; Guido, B. C.; Gatto, C. C.; de Oliveira, H. C. B.; Fasciotti, M.; Eberlin, M. N.; da Silva, E. N. 2012 23-4 770 17
8 Chemical Modification of Polyaniline by N-Grafting of Polystyrenic Chains Synthesized via Nitroxide-Mediated Polymerization Hatamzadeh, M.; Mahyar, A.; Jaymand, M. 2012 23-6 1008 16
9 Surface Properties of Oxidized and Aminated Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Silva, W. M.; Ribeiro, H.; Seara, L. M.; Calado, H. D. R.; Ferlauto, A. S.; Paniago, R. M.; Leite, C. F.; Silva, G. G. 2012 23-6 1078 16
10 Continuum Source Atomic Absorption Spectrometry: Past, Present and Future Aspects - A Critical Reviewª Welz, B.; Vale, M. G. R.; Pereira, E. R.; Castilho, I. N. B.; Dessuy, M. B. 2014 25-5 799 15



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