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  Title Author Year Volume-Issue Page Citation No.
1 Electrochemical and Optical Investigation of Conductive Polymer and MWCNT Nanocomposite Film Ehsani, A.; Babaei, F.; Mostaanzadeh, H. 2015 26-2 331 30
2 Recent Progress in the Use of Pd-Catalyzed C-C Cross-Coupling Reactions in the Synthesis of Pharmaceutical Compoundsª Biajoli, A. F. P.; Schwalm, C. S.; Limberger, J.; Claudino, T. S.; Monteiro, A. L. 2014 25-12 2186 30
3 Continuum Source Atomic Absorption Spectrometry: Past, Present and Future Aspects - A Critical Reviewª Welz, B.; Vale, M. G. R.; Pereira, E. R.; Castilho, I. N. B.; Dessuy, M. B. 2014 25-5 799 26
4 Screening of Different Fusarium Species to Select Potential Species for the Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles Gaikwad, S. C.; Birla, S. S.; Ingle, A. P.; Gade, A. K.; Marcato, P. D.; Rai, M.; Duran, N. 2013 24-12 1974 24
5 Multi-Element Analysis, Bioavailability and Fractionation of Herbal Tea Products Szymczycha-Madeja, A.; Welna, M.; Zyrnicki, W. 2013 24-5 777 22
6 Catalytic Transformations of Ethanol for Biorefineriesª Gallo, J. M. R.; Bueno, J. M. C.; Schuchardt, U. 2014 25-12 2229 21
7 Isatin, a Versatile Molecule: Studies in Brazilᵇ Silva, B. V. 2013 24-5 707 21
8 Analysis of Seized Cocaine Samples by using Chemometric Methods and FTIR Spectroscopy Rodrigues, N. V. S.; Cardoso, E. M.; Andrade, M. V. O.; Donnici, C. L.; Sena, M. M. 2013 24-3 507 21
9 Chemical Profiling of Cocaine Seized by Brazilian Federal Police in 2009-2012: Major Components Botelho, E. D.; Cunha, R. B.; Campos, A. F. C.; Maldaner, A. O. 2014 25-4 611 20
10 Oxidative Dehydration of Glycerol to Acrylic Acid over Vanadium-Impregnated Zeolite Beta Pestana, C. F. M.; Guerra, A. C. O.; Ferreira, G. B.; Turci, C. C.; Mota, C. J. A. 2013 24-1 100 20
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