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Open Access/APCs

Open Access/APCs

JBCS adopted the full open access format in which authors are required to cover part of the publication costs for their articles.  The online journal access is free.

Article Processing Charges (APCs)

Discounts are offered to corresponding authors (in the paper) that are active members of the Sociedade Brasileira de Química (SBQ (see below), and this publication fee will be applicable just after manuscript acceptance by Editors. The manuscript evaluation by Peer Review remains unaltered.

       APCs /2016

  • Corresponding author: non-member of the SBQ
    R$ 1.450,00 (no-discount)
  • Corresponding author: member of SBQ for more than 2 successive years
    (up to the current year) R$ 870,00 (40% discount)
  • Corresponding author: member of the SBQ for more than 5 successive years
    (up to the current year) R$ 290,00 (80% discount)
  • Corresponding author: overseas (PayPal)
    US$ 460.00

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